One of the FCC’s primary goals is ensuring the reliability and security of the nation's communications infrastructure.  That is why communications providers are required to report significant network outages to the FCC’s Network Outage Reporting System (NORS).

The FCC requires communications providers (including wireline, wireless, paging, cable, satellite, VoIP, and Signaling System 7 service providers) to electronically report information about outages that exceed specific thresholds in terms of duration and magnitude.  Communications providers must also report information regarding communications disruptions affecting Enhanced 911 facilities and airports.  Given the sensitive nature of this data to both national security and commercial competitiveness, the outage data is presumed confidential.

The FCC analyzes the data to assess the magnitude of major outages, identify trends, and promote network reliability best practices that can prevent or mitigate future disruptions.  This analysis also informs the agency’s outage investigations and recommendations for improving network reliability.


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