During times of crisis, such as hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes, the FCC may activate its Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS).  Communications providers (including wireless, wireline, broadcast, and cable service providers) can use DIRS to quickly and efficiently report the operational status of their service and infrastructure to the FCC, as well as to request assistance.  The FCC analyzes the information and compiles public communications status reports using aggregated data.  The FCC’s analysis also informs restoration efforts by federal Emergency Support Function #2 partners and the agency’s own investigations into communications reliability during disasters.

The FCC determines whether to activate DIRS in conjunction with FEMA and announces activation through public notices and emails to DIRS participants.  The announcements list the counties covered in the activation and provide reporting and contact information.  Participation in DIRS is voluntary, and company-specific information is presumed confidential.

Benefits for Communications Providers

  • Designate a contact:  Allows broadcasters to identify the appropriate contacts for their station during emergencies, which can save time when coordinating with or seeking immediate assistance from the FCC.
  • Receive help:  Provides an avenue for broadcasters to seek additional help when restoring their operations during an emergency, e.g., securing generators, fuel, etc.
  • Streamline requests:  Reduces the number of requests from various government agencies for the operational status of communications service or infrastructure. Other government agencies can rely on reports from the FCC.
  • Aid your community:  Better ensures that broadcasters can serve their communities by providing the public with critical updates during emergencies.

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*This system is for communications providers only


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